David Kinsman

我们的儿子特里普,现在2岁半,从他8个月大的时候就一直是福尔克假肢的病人. 我们无法从整个实践中开始扩展每个人的精彩和惊人. 大卫·福尔克、马特·索拉佐、保罗和乔迪就像我们儿子的家人一样. From Trip's very first visit, to getting his very first prosthetic, to our adjustment appointments, 我们对儿子的支持和鼓励感到非常感动.

My husband and I were so concerned when he got his first leg...."what if he colors on it? What if the dog chews on it? What if he takes it off and throws it across the room? How is he going to swim?" The questions could go on forever!! We were reassured every time that things are bound to happen, and there is nothing they can't repair, replace or fix. Let him be a kid!!!! 让我告诉你,这个小男孩可以对假肢造成一些破坏!! 我想他在得到它的几周内就把他的第一条腿的脚趾完全磨掉了.

当特里普装上他的第二只假肢时,他已经没有什么能让他慢下来了. Need time to adjust?? Nope, not this kid. 保罗和马特在接下来的45分钟里在候诊室里玩足球,就在他装上新腿的几分钟后!

从我们第一次拜访开始,整个办公室就令人惊叹不已. I never have felt more love from Medical professionals. 我们非常感激你们成为我们生活的一部分,我们期待着看到Trip一起征服世界.

Thank you for everything you have done for our family!

Dale and Megan Hyndman

Our son was diagnosed with sagital craniostenosis, a premature fusing of the central suture of his skull, when he was 4 months old. 5个月大的时候,他做了手术,切除了一部分头骨,让头骨和大脑正常生长发育. 为了确保他的头骨以“正常”的方式生长,我们儿子的医生建议他戴上福尔克假肢公司的矫正头盔 & Orthotics. 当我们走进福尔克公司的办公室时,我们不知道会发生什么, quite frankly, 对一切都感到不安包括我们的儿子在一段未知的时间内需要戴头盔. 我们和马修见了面,他对病人惊人的态度立刻让我们放松下来. 第一天,我们大概问了50到100个问题,马修耐心地回答了每一个问题,没有让我们觉得自己很傻,也没有让我们觉得自己像个偏执而害怕的父母.

手术后的第二天,马修来到医院检查儿子的进展情况,并安排了头盔的初次交付和安装. 在我们儿子的头盔交付后,马修对我们和我们的儿子都很温柔. 福尔克团队在与我们保险公司的所有交易中都是高效的. Matthew was very thorough with the directions, precautions and situations of which we should be aware. 在我们儿子的头盔治疗过程中,马修和福尔克的其他工作人员都非常专业,非常适应我们的日程安排和需求. We dealt most often with the Jupiter office, 但在我们需要去Delray办公室的少数情况下,我们得到了同样的待遇. 我们的儿子从不介意他每两周一次的“调整”,因为马修总是花时间对我们的儿子和他的需求很友好和关注.

虽然我不能说我们很高兴需要一个矫形器, 我们很高兴有马修作为我们的向导和合作伙伴在整个7.5 months our son required the helmet. We would strongly recommend the Falk team, especially Matthew, to anyone who finds themselves in need of an orthotic.


Meghan and William K.

Falk Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

Hi, I am Wayne Portch. I became a bilateral below knee amputee in February 1999. Late one evening during my first rehab stay, my wife, Paula, 我们在讨论如何才能找到一个义肢专家.

五分钟后,大卫·福尔克走进我的房间,我们的祈祷得到了回应. We knew immediately that David was our guy. 他所有的问题都显示了他对作为病人的我和作为护理者的宝拉的极大关心. We were both at such peace about our decision that, before David left that evening, 我们约好了我从戒毒所出来后去他办公室见他. 我们去了他的办公室,他给我量了尺寸,制作了我第一套假肢的形状. 他考虑了我的身体状况和活动水平, treating me as an individual with specific needs.

三周后,大卫·福克让我用助行器走路. 我回到松林克雷斯特康复中心接受理疗师的训练. Twelve days later I walked out of Pinecrest using only a cane. 我准备以双侧膝盖以下截肢者的身份开始我的新生活.

大卫·福尔克坚持要对我的设备进行必要的调整. 他想确保我能恢复活动水平,同时保护我的残肢.

I was attending a couple of amputee support groups. 我从截肢者那里听到了许多悲伤的故事,他们很难让他们的义肢医生不断调整他们的义肢. 这让我更加相信大卫·福尔克给我和我的家人带来的祝福. I have never left David's office without feeling satisfied. He always makes sure I know to return if there is any problem. 他不仅关心病人,而且关心病人的家属. 大卫不仅是我的义肢医生,而且已经成为我的好朋友.

David has a more than competent staff. 办公室经理乔迪·沙夫(Jody Schaaf)带领员工遵守与大卫一样的标准. His staff is just as caring as he is. 他们负责预约和保险,所以我们不用担心任何事情.

Paula and I made a great decision in 1999. We would make the same choice today.

John "Wayne" Portch

Falk Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

February 5, 2008

Dear Dr.,

I would like to thank you for referring me to Falk Prosthetics & Orthotics for help with my above knee prosthetic socket. 当我见到你的时候,我不能长时间佩戴义肢而不产生极度不适的水泡, and improper pressure on my residual leg. I have been to at least nine other prosthetists, in the last eight years, as far away as Oklahoma, trying to be fitted correctly. 结果发现我的衣柜里全是不能穿的插座.

大卫·福克和保罗·罗斯曼在过去的几周里给我装上了新的插座, and I am just thrilled with the comfort and fit. 我简直不敢相信我现在可以毫无痛苦地走路,而且可以整天戴着假肢. 我非常感谢你把我介绍给他们,因为他们让我恢复了走路的自由.

Again, thank you for caring. Very truly yours,

M. Brenda Shaw